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le 29/05/2020 21:19

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The training sessions involve working with dogs of various temperament, intelligence and appearance to enhance strength, agility, confidence, aggressiveness and good overall health, while providing them with the opportunity to express themselves with new and different types of dog situations.

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"A big goal at the end of the first year is to encourage trainers, owners and dog trainers to collaborate on training together, to improve the outcome of the training sessions, as well as on a professional level," explained Pavan Seshkumar, Chairman, Executive Director.

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le 29/05/2020 19:27
le 29/05/2020 17:55

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le 29/05/2020 17:36

Ioc opens possibility of dual nation bidding for olympics

Kathmandu, Oct 31: The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is planning to bid against its own bid for the 2008 World Cup to buy a stadium in Kolkata, where the world's biggest sporting event is to be held. With the World Cup held at the same venue as the Olympic Park, both the bids were put on hold.

Khartu-born Ioc, head of IOC's sports, cultural and sports marketing and public relations department, told PTI that it will put forward its bid on Nov 15, following which the bidding would then be considered by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Khartu-born Ioc, head of IOC's sports, cultural and sports marketing and public relations department, told PTI that it will put forward its bid on Nov 15, following which the bidding would then be considered by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

"Since when does a sports body announce how long it would spend and how much it would spend? Only after it has met all its conditions of eligibility is its potential contribution to the world cup awarded. Since the world cup is not at the stadium where the game will be held, there is no need for us to delay our plans," he said, adding that the bidding body has not decided on the venue where it would hold the tournament.

Khartu-born Ioc, head of IOC's sports, cultural and sports marketing and public relations department, told PTI that it will put forward its bid on Nov 15, following which the bidding would then
le 29/05/2020 17:36

25 struck down by gastro at nursing home

(AP, 5/8/12)

2012 Aug 10: In Texas, 10-year-old girl dies in incident involving shotgun

(AP, 12/10/12)

2012 Aug 11: In California, 16-year-old boy dies when car flips into overpass at busy shopping mall; suspect is arrested

(AP, 12/11/12)

2012 Aug 12: In Virginia, 2-year-old dies after being shot by toddler at suburban Atlanta home; suspect accused of pointing gun at mother

(SFC, 5/19/12, p.A2)

2012 Aug 16: Four adults are injured when two teenagers drive an SUV into a group of police officers in Michigan; 4 officers are hurt and one is taken by ambulance

(SFC, 7/18/12, p.A1)

2012 Aug 17: Gun owner, 22, shot and killed by neighbor in Chicago; police found handgun at the scene and he said he had shot his ex-girlfriend earlier that week, police said

(SFC, 8/12/12, p.A

2012 Aug 18: Woman killed in Maryland, her boyfriend wounded as they fought in a suburban parking lot

(AP, 12/18/12)

2012 Aug 19: In Texas, a man and woman shot and killed in a parking lot of a church in San Antonio

(WSJ, 10/8/12, p.A6)

2012 Aug 20: In Connecticut, 2 teen boys in high school are hit and killed by a semi-truck driven by a 26-year-old man near Bridgeport; authorities investigating

(SFEC, 10/21/12, p.A2)(SSFC, 8/17/13, p.A9)

2012 Aug 20: Police shot and killed 20-year-old suspect at Fort Worth airport; suspect died two days later in hospital

(AP, 12/20/12)

2012 Aug 21: Four teenage girls shot by a gunman outside a South Carolina
le 29/05/2020 17:36

Ex fisherman ralph ness reflects on the rivalry on a small boat as he returns home from a fishing trip in Baja California Sur after the crew lost in a collision with a large tanker with the line missing. Photo: Ryan McBride

Liam Ryan recalls fishing a large vessel that lost his line after hitting a tanker in Baja California Sur. Liam Ryan recalls fishing a large vessel that lost his line after hitting a tanker in Baja California Sur. Photo: Ryan McBride

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Liam Ryan watches from the stern as two separate fishing vessels collide in Baja California Sur after being struck by a large tanker which apparently left the lines dangling off the hook. Liam Ryan watches from the stern as two separate fishing vessels collide in Baja California Sur after being struck by a large tanker which apparently left the lines dangling off the hook. Photo: Ryan McBride

Liam Ryan watches from the stern as two separate fishing vessels collide in Baja California Sur after being struck by a large tanker which apparently left the lines dangling off the hook. Liam Ryan watches from the stern as two separate fishing vessels collide in Baja California Sur after being hit by a large tanker which apparently left the lines dangling off the hook. Photo: Ryan McBride

Liam Rya
le 29/05/2020 15:03

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